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Our Waterless Urinals have virtually no operating cost as compared to the normal urinals. Huge amount of money and resources can be saved by installing waterless urinals. These savings are as follows:

  • Piping & Fittings
  • Electricity Fittings and usage
  • Cleaners and odour nuetralizers
  • Sensors and batteries
  • House Keeping Manhours

In addition the above there are further more advantages:

  • No need for water tanks
  • No need for water and piping connnection at new places
  • Less Maintenance

Return on Investments

Payback for waterless urinals is usually between two to three years. With increase in cost of water and maintenance the return will be faster.

In new construction savings may also be calculated by ommision of water pipe line, flush valve, sensors.


Flushing urinals now being used in your facility are costing you for water, electricity, sewer and maintenance. These costs, now allocated in your budgets, can be converted to the purchase of Waterless urinals. Your retrofit can pay its own way!

Cost Saving Analysis Sheet