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"Water" - a heavy topic today, almost all major cities on earth are facing water crisis. Countries like India face acute shortage of water specially in dry seasons.

According to Human Environment and World Water Council of United Nations: following the humanity in the oil crisis, a crisis is coming with water; Oil is another thing, but if there is no water human beings cannot survive anymore.

GOOD NEWS: Our waterless urinals have zero water consumption.

A single waterless urinal saves around 109,500 litres of water.

Assuming that there are 10 million urinals natinwide with 300 million people using these fixtures. Assuming an average 3 litre flush, the potable water used in urinal alone is 300 millions litres of water daily.

This huge amount of water wasted in flush in the sewer and septic systems can be eliminated and will not run into our natural waterways and oceans.

On a local level: If in a building of 10 urinals, with 100 people equals a yearly water use of 1,00,00,000 litres of portable water going down the drain.