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SUNMING is a registered trade mark of the waterless urinal,which is a patent product,developed from the same kind international products and is developed independently by our company. Our product adopts several patent techniques.The original Air Enclosing Technology Trap, which is composed of funnel,water guidance,membrane sheath and stainless steel sleeve,is installed in the urinal body through a stainless steel joint.The working principle of our waterless urinal is: using the absorbing special property of membrance sheath to block out urine drainage passage of urinal ; when the urine passes the membrance through the funnel, with the action of gravity the urine will get through the membrance to the drainage system, and after the process the water guindance board will make the membrance to form a sloping angle and with the action of sub pressure the membrance sheath will automatically close the odor from the drainage pipe.

SUNMING waterless urinal is made of ceramic material, and uses nanometer anti-bacteria glaze as its surface,which can prevent the penetrating and staying of the urine and enclose the odor and prevent the penetrating and staying ofthe urine and enclose the odor and prevent the growing of the bacteria. Our product  also contains a patented stainless steel joint,which would save the seal ring between the uroinal and drainage pipe and reduce the aperture, so that this removes the source of the odor. the enclosing system of our urinal is made by high purity silica material. the tray that gathers the urine is made by stainless steel and its surface pained with  teflon whose excellent hydrophobic performance can reduce the forming of the urine alkali and effectively prevent the odor form the drainage system and urinal stain.

Following are the feature of waterless urinals:

1. Hydrophobic:

Silver nanometer class anti-soil and bacterial-proof technology is applied on high quality ceramic surface to make it adhered with a fine layer of nanometer structure, reaching high surface density and finish. Water absorption of the ceramic surface is less than 0.025, thus make it difficult for urine to remain with odor eliminated.

2. Bacterial-repellent:

The ceramic surface enamel layer contains a special bacteria-repellent material, which effectively suppresses infest of bacterial and eliminates odor, stains and scales generated from urine destroyed by bacteria. The unique smooth concave ceramic surface make it difficult for urine or dust to remain or form scales; the silver nanometer class bacteria-proof ceramic and special anti-soil material contained inside the enamel layer makes it difficult for soil to adhere onto the ceramic surface.

3. Leak tightness:

Unique patented technology of the product “sealing by film gas phase suction-up”, realizes close sealing by means of a special bag made of film installed under the drainage, which receives urine. Pressure difference between the internal and external of the bag will suck up the bag wall automatically, thus effectively preventing odor inside the drainage from leaking out. Its special design of “no port left” leaves no space for urine scale to remain.

4. Simplicity:

Any trouble in installation of water supplying device and pipe bends are eliminated. The urinal is connected to drainage in full sealed condition. Hoses are tightly inserted with multiple water sealing, making drainage cleaning much faster and more convenient.

5. Appearance design of ceramics:

Humanized wide profile design exerts users no feeling of being pressed by the wall.

Three profiles of design: water drop, light/thin and rectangular (all of which can be installed with drainage in wall or in floor).